Curriculum Overview

The curriculum we implement has been created and refined by all teachers.  It is regularly reviewed and scrutinised in accordance with our Academy Improvement Plan, national developments and the needs of our community. Our curriculum plays a pivotal role in promoting a passion and commitment to lifelong learning.

This is backed up by the Trust’s Primary Curriculum Intent which can be found here…..TMET Primary Curriculum Intent – June 2019

The enactment of TMET’s Primary Curriculum Intent:

“We will provide all of our children with a broad, relevant and enriched curriculum so that they have the character to make a positive contribution to our society and are knowledgeable, skilled and ready for the next phase of their education.”

The creative curriculum has been organised into integrated topics which meets the objectives of the National Curriculum. Opportunities for speaking and listening are utilised and pupils are skilled in work that requires collaboration. The use of computing is encouraged in all areas of the National Curriculum as it can enhance the learning experience of children.  Our topic based approach enables children to make links between their learning and build effectively on prior knowledge.

The development of children’s character and their wellbeing sits at the heart of all our teaching and provision.  For more details on this see our Health and Wellbeing section.

National Curriculum Website

Our Topic Based Curriculum

Please click on the year groups to see the topics they will be working on this academic year.

You can click on the pictures to see our knowledge organisers.

Science Topics

Please click on the year groups to see the Science topics they will be working through this academic year.

Click on the pictures to see the knowledge organisers.

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