Physical Education (PE) is highly valued within the school. Our curriculum is broad and offers the children the opportunities to explore a range of physical activities, both within the school setting and off site settings. Furthermore, the school emphasises the importance of a healthy lifestyle, through diet and fitness, and strengthens the children’s character muscles with opportunities to work as a team, to be a leader, to show sportsmanship and encourage the determination to improve and succeed.

Within the school, we are in the fortunate position to have skilled PE and dance coaches. With their expertise, the teaching of PE is at a very high standard. All children have the opportunity to experience dance within the school year. In the Early years and Key Stage One, focus is placed upon movement, balance, hand-eye coordination and games. As children progress into Key Stage Two, a variety of sports and games are taught, including TAG Rugby, gymnastics, hockey and athletics. Furthermore, children in Year 4 are provided with the opportunity to learn to swim.

Further enrichment activities are also available through the schools’ link with SSPAN (Leicester City School Sport and Physical Activity Network). Here children can be provided with further activities, such as School Leader Training, off-site ‘festivals’ related to a sport and opportunities to meet local sports people.




Subject Leader/s

Miss R Rees

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