Remote Learning

While we are completing remote learning children are spending more time on devices so please do take a look at our Online Safety page for advice on how to keep them safe.

Our current timetable during Spring Term school closure.

Additional remote learning offered

In the event of isolation due to Covid, we are committed to providing high quality remote learning to all our pupils.

Remote Learning with Willowbrook Mead at a Glance

Remote Learning Ready Letter

Links for children isolating with symptoms or household member has symptoms and awaiting test results




KS2                                                           KS1

BBC Bitesize

The timetable changes weekly. To find out what is on this week please use the link below:

Lockdown learning with the BBC in 2021 – BBC Bitesize


Click on the link below to read our full plan.

Remote Learning Plan

Code of Conduct

Please read the documents below before using Dojo or Teams.

Teams Code of Conduct

Dojo Code of Conduct


Definition: Remote Learning, which may be in a variety of formats, allows children to continue learning from home in the event of short term or long-term absence from school. 


  • Any child staying at home due to being instructed to isolate will receive a high quality programme of remote learning.
  • There will be a consolidation of prior learning with new content learning focused on key knowledge and skills.
  • Remote learning will be accessible to all children.
  • Remote learning will be set daily via ClassDojo and Microsoft Teams.
  • Teachers will have daily contact with children. 
  • Children will be expected to return work and teachers will provide feedback to them.
  • Remote learning will consider staff work-load.
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