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Welcome to our school website.  We are a busy but friendly school, with lots going on. We work hard to make sure our children are safe, have fun and be the best that they can be.  Through our rich and varied curriculum we promote a ‘growth mindset’ ethos and encourage our children to develop behaviours for learning and behaviours for life.

  • Marie Collins, Principal

Academy Tweets

Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad YEAR 6 PARENTS - please follow the link to read a letter about parents evening this week https://t.co/MfynjnAe6w https://t.co/MfynjnAe6w 1 hour ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad Our Wednesday uniform shop will not be open during the consultation period. https://t.co/qgIHB7LL77 2 hours ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad Please follow the link below to read a letter from The Mead Educational Trust regarding a consultation for the prop… https://t.co/IchG11qZi7 3 hours ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad And we’re off! Come cheer Mrs Collins doing her 5 hour stint at 1pm this afternoon. Target is to raise £2000 for LO… https://t.co/7AAUBleWBi 2 days ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad Yesterday class 12 shared their Viking Villages with class 8 #history https://t.co/fYr3INIiBs 3 days ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad Look at the fun the children have been having in breakfast club. Board games, card games, construction, just dance… https://t.co/kcWAB2b4bX 3 days ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad Looking for something to do this weekend? Come and support Mrs Collins in a charity event that she has organised an… https://t.co/b2uNaRSBS2 3 days ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad On Wednesday 20th March our kitchen will be putting on a taster session for parents. Please come along and try som… https://t.co/QTEnoZ3GXu 3 days ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad https://t.co/hTJd4Ho9SU 4 days ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad We look forward to seeing everyone in their red clothes/comic relief merchandise. Don't forget your red noses. https://t.co/AoMCodWXJh 4 days ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad Issue 23 of our newsletter is now available https://t.co/95HDWkhp3T https://t.co/95HDWkhp3T 4 days ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad Two winning trophies from our 3/4 and year 5/6 hockey teams. Both teams undefeated in their 7 matches! Well done! https://t.co/PmCqXa66JR 5 days ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad If your child received a golden ticket for the new KS1 sports club with Mr Merriman, and you have returned it, then… https://t.co/njErg8E0sW 5 days ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad RT @2Willowbrook: Today with planted trees with year 6- it was fun! #outdoorlearning @WillowbrookAcad https://t.co/FUStCeBJOz 6 days ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad RT @rusheymeadnews: We are pleased to offer this exciting opportunity for a Vice Principal (Inclusion/behaviour), to join our team. If you… 1 week ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad Year 3 children are back from their trip. 1 week ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad Year 3 are on their way back. https://t.co/T7Kq6JRyBo 1 week ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad Supporting a fantastic enterprise initiative by one of our ex-Willowbrook pupils. What a great sales pitch!… https://t.co/Csbly7BWec 1 week ago
Willowbrook Primary @WillowbrookAcad Year 6 have learnt all about electric circuits and are putting that knowledge to good use. They are creating their… https://t.co/OD6nhhJIp3 1 week ago
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