Cultural Inclusion

Willowbrook is a multicultural school and we welcome children from many different countries and cultures. We celebrate different traditions and core events as they appear in the calendar. The children within our school speak many different languages as well as English.

Please click here to read information on how you can support your child.

Language of The Month – Urdu

Each month a new language of the month will be introduced. Every month we celebrate a different language spoken by children in our school.

There are many reasons we should know about each other’s languages, including the following:-

  • To give bilingual children the opportunity to demonstrate their language skills
  • To enhance the status of bilingual children
  • To show respect for each other’s languages and cultures
  • To give parents the chance to be actively involved in their children’s learning
  • To broaden the language skills of all the children and staff.

‘Language of the Month’ celebrates the different backgrounds of the children at Willowbrook, encourages understanding of other cultures and gives everyone an opportunity to communicate in a different language each month.

We hope you have fun learning new key words and phrases in different languages from around the world. This could help you to develop your language skills and encourage you to speak to your friends in their home language.

So watch this space and give yourself a challenge!

If you have any queries regarding Cultural Inclusion, please speak to Mrs M Owens.

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