There is a school uniform which is worn throughout the school. All children at Willowbrook are expected to wear the school uniform. School uniform, including book bags, are on sale every Wednesday 8.35-8.50am in the junior hall. PE kit: House coloured t-shirts are also on sale. If you are not sure of your child’s house colour, please speak to the teacher.

• It gives the children a sense of belonging and being part of the school
• The risk of bullying regarding a pupils clothing is significantly reduced
• When attending school outings, children can easily be identified as belonging to Willowbrook
• It prepares children for secondary school
• Book bags support children’s reading progress and links with home/school


  • Pale Blue or White shirt/blouse/polo shirt
  • Grey or Black trousers/shorts (Black jeans are not acceptable)
  • Navy Blue, Black or Grey skirts or Blue and White check dresses
  • Navy Blue sweatshirt/cardigan – ideally with Willowbrook Logo (not black or grey) and not hooded
  • Black school shoes
  • Book bag


Due to limited space within the cloakroom areas we ask that children refrain from bringing in large rucksacks. Instead we highly encourage foldable bags which can be stored in the children’s drawers.


No jewellery should be worn at school except for a medic-alert tags, a simple watch and/or stud earrings. No jewellery should be worn during P.E. or swimming lessons, except for a medic-alert tags.


We request that your child has a waterproof coat with them in school on any day when it may be required.


  • Black shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms
  • House coloured t-shirt or white t-shirt
  • Trainers/Plimsoles
  • Please keep P.E. kit within school in the smallest bag possible


All Year 4 children go swimming on a Thursday afternoon in the Autumn and Spring term. Appropriate swimwear must be worn. Kit must include a towel and a bag. Jewellery must removed prior to swimming lessons. Children may wear goggles, but a permission letter must have been received prior to the lesson.

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