Brighter Futures, Learning Together

At Willowbrook Mead Primary Academy we are committed to ensuring that all children have a well-rounded and balanced curriculum that promotes both academic education and a social education to prepare all pupils for their future in modern day Britain.

Our School Vision

As a school, we strongly believe in making sure that we offer a curriculum that is inclusive for all and that our community is represented in our children’s learning.

Our Aims

  • We make learning fun and make the most of our resources
  • We expect our children to achieve their best
  • We believe in connecting learning in an exciting way
  • All children’s needs are met
  • We work in partnership with others
  • We believe in lifelong learning
  • We value and nurture the development of character

Our Curriculum Drivers

  • Developing character
  • A broad, relevant and enriched curriculum
  • Cultural Capital
  • Helping children to make a positive contribution
  • Ensuring children are knowledgeable, skilled and ready
  • Opportunity for all

To help us meet our aims we follow the statutory national curriculum, which has been outlined by the government.

To find out more about what we offer our children, please take a look at our curriculum subject page.