Ofsted Report


Willowbrook last had an Ofsted visit in March 2011, in which we were graded as ‘Outstanding’. Since then, the school has converted to academy status and been re-categorised as a ‘new’ school which ‘opened’ in April 2016. You will be able to find all future Ofsted reports and past Ofsted reports prior to our Academy Conversion using the buttons below. Information regarding Ofsted may be found here.

Willowbrook Mead Primary Academy Willowbrook Primary School

Challenge Partners

Challenge Partners are a charity, owned and led by schools who work together to lead school improvement. They believe that, when schools are working in partnership to continually improve their practice, an excellent education for pupils will be achieved.

Challenge Partners are made up of over 300 schools, from all different backgrounds across the country, who recognise that they are stronger together and that collaboration is the key to continued success. They exist to support schools in that role by facilitating constructive collaboration and challenge between them and providing a platform for activities which would not be possible for a school to undertake on its own.

Together they aspire to become a world-class, knowledge-sharing community, which leads the way in school improvement and raises the standards of education for all.

Challenge Partners Report 2019-2020
Challenge Partners Report 2018-2019
Challenge Partners Report 2017-2018
Challenge Partners Report 2016-2017
Challenge Partners Report 2015-2016
Challenge Partners Report 2014-2015
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