We believe that clear, open communication between the school and parents/carers has a positive impact on pupils’ learning because it:

  • Gives parents/carers the information they need to support their child’s education
  • Helps the school improve, through feedback and consultation with parents/carers
  • Builds trust between home and school, which helps the school better support each child’s educational and pastoral needs

Who Should I contact?

If you have questions about any of the topics in the table below, or would like to speak to a member of staff:

  • Email or call the school office on [email protected] (put the subject and the name of the relevant member of staff [from the list below] in the subject line)
  • or call us on 0116 2413756

We will forward your request on to the relevant member of staff who will be in contact with you.

My child’s learning/class activities/lessons/homework/school tripsYour child’s class teacher
My child’s wellbeing/pastoral supportMrs Cottis
Payments for trips or dinnersThe school admin team
UniformMrs Nurse
AttendanceIf you need to report your child’s absence please call 0116 2413756 and leave a message
Term time leave of absence requestsPlease follow this link to complete the form
Bullying and behaviourMiss Sharpe
School eventsThe school admin team
Special educational needsMrs Lee
Breakfast clubMrs Sharpe
After school clubsMiss Rees
Hiring the premisesMrs Nelson
The academy councilMrs Nelson
Catering/mealsThe school admin team




Phase Leaders

Nursery and Reception – Miss Moscetano

Year 1 and 2 – Mrs Lal

Year 3 and 4 – Mrs Curtis and Miss Sharpe

Year 5 and 6 – Miss Sharpe


Our apps and social media communication summary

School Gateway App

Our school app is our way to communicate with parents via e-mail or text.  On our school app parents need to:

  • Pay for/give consent for trips
  • -Top up dinner money account
  • -Receive messages from the school
  • -Send messages to the school for free
  • -Book dinners

Class Dojo App

Class Dojo is our teacher/home communication app. Dojo points (house points) are recorded so parents, children and staff can keep see how well each child is doing. It can also be used for sharing activities to be done at home.  We will shift towards this being our main communication tool. On Dojo, parents and staff can message each other directly. Staff need to ensure they have set their quiet hours and only deal with messages during working times.

The Story section of Dojo will also be used for updates by teachers to their classes, phase leaders to whole year groups and admin staff for the whole school. It will be used to

  • share and celebrate what the children are learning
  • post urgent updates
  • post all information for parents – menus, newsletters, letters etc.

Class Dojo can be set by the parent into different languages so our posts are automatically translated for them.

You can message members of staff via Class Dojo, teachers will only respond during their working hours. Anything urgent MUST be via a phone call to the main office.


Our social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) are used to share and celebrate what the children are learning.  Occasionally we may post urgent updates (such as pick up times for trips) in addition to other communication methods.

Over the Autumn term we will change our use of Facebook so that it just becomes a forum for sharing information, rather than parents commenting, messaging or responding.   We will not respond to messages sent via Facebook messenger unless deemed essential.


We use twitter to follow all the academies within TMET and often ‘like’ and ‘retweet’ ideas.  We also follow, and are followed by lots of schools and people interested in education.


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