At Willowbrook Mead Primary Mead, children have the opportunity to learn new skills in using woodwork, clay, fabric, and other materials. Through an exciting curriculum, children are provided with the opportunity to search and provide practical solutions to real problems. As part of our Design & Technology curriculum, we include cooking and nutrition. The children are encouraged to select ingredients to plan and cook a selection of healthy meals.

We are lucky to have an enrichment room that has a wide range of resources available for design and technology as well as fantastic resources for cooking. Teachers can book the room for whole class lessons and children from nursery to year 6 have the opportunity to access all of the resources available.

We recently have developed a fantastic partnership with one of our local secondary schools. This has provided our staff with the opportunity to work with secondary teachers to discuss planning opportunities and to share resources so that children at Willowbrook Mead have more opportunities to use a range of materials and tools.

Design & Technology is also included in our homework tasks to encourage children to work with adults at home and continue to develop the design and practical skills that they have learnt in school.

Subject Champion/s

Mrs T Williams