Willowbrook Mead Primary Academy Consultation on DSP (Designated Specialist Provision)

Willowbrook Mead Primary Academy is proposing the establishment of a DSP on its site to cater for up to 10 pupils from Key Stage 2 with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs. This is a unit funded by the Local Authority and admissions will be open to pupils from across Leicester. The consultation period runs from Friday 28 May to Friday 25 June 2021 and allows anyone with an interest (for example parents, other schools and the local community) to comment. You can comment by emailing [email protected] Please indicate which school you are referring to as the Trust is consulting on several DSPs at the same time. Consultion DSP Willowbrook Mead – May 2021

Translations of Government guidance for parents/carers

The government have translated their guidance into several different languages click on the link to read the translations; Arabic                                                                                      Portuguese Bengali                                                                                    Punjabi Chinese- traditional                                                             Romany Chinese – simplified                     …

Face Masks

Government guidance for parents is that you wear a mask for drop off and collection every day. You are strongly encouraged to do this as we cannot ensure 2m social distancing at all points on the school grounds.